How to create and withdraw cash and cryptocurrency on

Using an external billing address specific crypto-currency, you can refill it from a wallet on your computer or other exchange offices of cryptocurrency. Or you can have the USD and EUR in the account into your wallet and purchased directly - more on that below.
Fiat money can be exchanged on the USD EUR through exchangers in payment system, for example, Replenishment of Resources of your account at a stock exchange performed in the relevant currency through pop-up window "Add." The conclusion - the pop-up window "Withdrawals".
Moreover, for the transaction you will be provided entrance into the payment system NixMoney, where you must enter your username and password, then confirm your action. Funds will be enlisted or removing  immediately on/ from your account

NixMoney - cyber currency of the future

NixMoney - this is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and valuably works in an anonymous network TOR. NixMoney offers a wide variety payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums and other commercial and non-commercial sites.