Nixmoney для CMS Prestashop

Go to admin panel and go to the "Modules" section

Click “Add new module”

Select the file  and click "Upload this module"

Go to the modules list and select "Payment Systems", find the NixMoney module and click install

After installation enter the parameters of NixMoney system in settings.

  • URL of merchant  is the default -, should not be changed if you were not notified  about it by the payment system (specify the to work in test mode)
  • Specify the account number to which the funds will be transmitted
  • Specify the password to login to your account
  • Enter a description (comment) to a payment for an orders
  • Enter the path to the log-file to record information about the payments. If you leave the field empty, the records will not be carried on.
  • You can specify a whitelist the IP-addresses. Each address is entered, separated by commas or specified using mask (*). For example * If the field is empty checking isnot carried out

In the field - e-mail address can be specified for sending log of error


Click save.

Nixmoney should appear in the list of payment systems 

Nixmoney module is configured.

Download attachments:

NixMoney - cyber currency of the future

NixMoney - this is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and valuably works in an anonymous network TOR. NixMoney offers a wide variety payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums and other commercial and non-commercial sites.