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Due to optimized algorithm reliable Crypto has a unique simplicity and ease Mining , special ecological and economical, gives the user advanced capabilities yields by delivering unprecedented security.

CryptoCoin ( CRT)
Generation System - proof of work & proof of stake
Blocks to recosting difficulties - 1 unit
Expected generation time - about 10 minutes
The award - a maximum of 8 CRT (depending on the difficulty)
Emission - 0.8 coins per minute
Total coins - 100 000 000 CRT

Proof-of-Work (POW) - a system based on the fact that every operation requires a certain amount of computation. This is the basic principle of network Bitcoin.
Proof-of-Stake (POS) - a system where the blocks are generated by coin-years. The wallet of coins multiplied by their "age" or the time that they are intact. The main advantage of this approach - absence of necessity for energy consumption to maintain currency. The attack 51% will require not only buying coins, but also their long-term storage.
Cryptographic hashing algorithm - transform data algorithm:

Are either fully or partially secret;
Either at work using a set of secret parameters.
In addition to the cryptographic algorithms include algorithms that do not use the secret parameters, but are assessed in a single technological chain with cryptographic algorithms.

Digital cryptocurrency. Completely copied algorithm and the technical part with Litecoin with some modifications.

Algorithm - Scrypt
Generation System - proof of work
Blocks to the complexity recosting - 126 - 504 units
Expected generation time - 2.5 min
Reward - 200 FTC
Emission - 70 coins per minute
Total coins - 336000000 FTC

The third most popular cryptocurrency, unlike Bitcoin and LightCoin has no restrictions on the amount of emissions. Profit in system Peercoin distributed not only between users, who provide the system with the computing power, but also between the holders of the currency. Incomplete decentralized - to avoid re-emission, all new Peercoins should pass a kind of registration checkpoint. PPC have a hybrid generation system. In the early stages used POW, which with time should be replaced by POS.

Cryptographic hashing algorithm - SHA-256
Generation System - proof of work, proof of stake
Blocks to recosting difficulties - 1 unit
Expected generation time - 10 min
Reward - 100 PPC
Total coins - unlimited

Peering electronic payment system using the same name of the cryptocurrency. Algorithm underlying Litecoin, similar to the algorithm most famous peering currency Bitcoin. The main difference is that in the calculation algorithm Litecoin is used extensively RAM. That makes problematic to develop specialized processors (ASIC) for Litecoin and provides an opportunity efficient use of conventional computers with graphics processors to generate new blocks (Mining). Furthermore, the time required for confirmation of payment from Litecoin at four times shorter (on average 2.5 minutes) than Bitcoin.

Cryptographic hashing algorithm - Scrypt
Generation System - proof of work
Blocks to the complexity recosting - 2016
Expected generation time - 2.5 min
Total coins - 84000000 LTC

Peering electronic cash system that uses the same name of digital currency, which is often called cryptocurrency or virtual currency. Network is completely decentralized. has no central administrator or any of its analogue. Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods or services from sellers who are ready to accept them.
There is a possibility to exchange real money via specialized platforms for trades or exchangers.

One of the features - the issue of new bitcoin. It is decentralized, limited space-time, relatively randomly distributed among the volunteers who use their computing power protection equipment for the payment system by the proof-of-work of re-spending. Maintenance activities of the system with the ability to get reward by issued bitcoin and commission fees called Mining.

- Cryptographic hashing algorithm - SHA-256
- Generation System - proof of work
- Blocks to the complexity recosting - 2016
- Expected generation time - 10 min
- Total coins - 21000000 BTC

- For sending a payment to another user in the system NixMoney you must move the cursor to the desired wallet and click "transfer" .
- In the pop-up window "Payment Order" you have to indicate the number of wallet recipient, transfer amount. If you wish- you can  comment.
- The Translation can be done with extra protection.
The sender can enter any protection code, expiry date of protection . In this case, the recipient will need to enter the protection code which tells the sender in the event a successful transaction. If the protection code was not introduced until the specified date. the funds will be automatically returned to the wallet of the sender .
In crypto-currency wallets BTC, LTC, PPC, FTC there is the ability to send transfer to the address of the coin. It is necessary to specify when transferring in the payment order form in the key "for the account or address * coin».

In personal account of the payment system NixMoney in the left corner, there are several currency and crypto-currency wallets:
- USD (U.S. dollar)
- EUR (Euro)
- BTC (crypto-currency Bitcoin)
- LTC (crypto-currency Litecoin)
- PPC (crypto-currency Peercoin)
- FTC (crypto-currency Terracoin)
- CRT (crypto-currency CryptoCoin)
User can add multiple currency and crypto-currency wallets.
- Each wallet have a unique internal account.
- Crypto-currency wallets have an internal account in NixMoney and address for receiving coins.
- The right side of the personal account reflects all committed incoming and outgoing transactions. You can also adjust your personal account.
- By the user can enable or disable double protection for log on via sms alerts on your mobile phone as an access code. It can be done after pressing the button "Settings".
- Additional private office setting is NixMoneyAPI.
- With NixMoney API, you can perform the following operations in automatic mode:
- Accept payments from customers for your services / goods.
- Automatically transfer money from your wallets on the wallets of customers.
- Receive analytical information about your accounts, transaction logs, etc.
- Details about this service, in section API.

The possibility of the payment system, registration system , Transfers inside system NixMoney.Registration.

In order to start using the electronic payment system NixMoney, need to go through a simple registration:
- Go to the home page
- Press the upper-right corner of the "Register" button
- In the pop-up window, enter your email address and captcha code (text on pictures).
- To your email. mail will be sent with the notice of the further passage of registration. - - Next, you need to link to that specified in the letter.
- In the window that opens you need to specify a username and password.
- The registration is complete!

Protection of transactions. All transactions within the system are carried out under the exclusive control of the transaction server, which guarantees that the money will be transferred for a maximum of 0.4 seconds and that the funds go from the sender come to the recipient and eliminating the possibility loss or delay.

 - Transparency. Transparency of service. Fixed fee of 0.5% of payment amount (minimum fee of $ 0.01 or 0.01 €). In calculating the amount of the commission is rounded always in favor of the customer, it means  the fractional part of the commission payments had not  rounded , is it truncated.

- Easy migration. To facilitate the migration processwe have developed special mechanism that allows for e-mail address to get the number of public customer's account, but this account is only for automated migration and are not included in the list of user accounts.

- Simple API. Unified API, allowing adaptation without complicated procedures to migrate to a billing service NixMoney. Mechanism confirms the transaction, makes several attempts, each of which can take up to 10 seconds.

- Uniqueness. No more problems with double payment of payment requests. Any payment request having number and can be paid only once for one wallet. We exclude problems with re-payment. For calculating checksum transaction we uses the platform-independent mechanism for calculating the MD5-sum, which eliminates the problems associated with checking the validity of the notification about the transaction.
- Comfort. Convenient personal account with an intuitive user interface - a pledge to a comfortable work in NixMoney.
- Sustainability. All infrastructure NixMoney works in the cluster and retains its functionality in case of failure to 30% of the cluster servers, which are spaced around the world. Any theoretically possible error in the system will stop the transactions and return the system to the state before the error occurred. This makes it impossible for the loss of money, lack of notification about the operation.

With the help of our partners you can exchange currency involving electronic money. Currency exchanges are made at the exchange rate of exchange office. Get instant notification about the transfer status  to your mail.

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NixMoney - this is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and valuably works in an anonymous network TOR. NixMoney offers a wide variety payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums and other commercial and non-commercial sites.