The advantage of using Bitcoin wallet in NixMoney

16. April. 2014

2014 will be a year Of Cryptocurrency. High volatility on the background them acceptance some countries and the rejection of among other countries, will attract a lot of new players who wish to increase their capital. But few know that on the background Bitcoin in growth went hundreds and thousands of new, completely unknown currencies generated by different groups of crypto-anarchists worldwide.
Bitcoin - a unique and perspective payment system entirely based on information technologies. It's a real "information gold"
created with special algorithms, and joining in the real economy.
Bitcoin-What is not enough for introduce it into turnover as the payment currency.
- transaction speed (dated 3 hours)
- the convenience and transparency of using (sophisticated and unobvious user interface the original customer Bitcoin)
- Long-term installation of the wallet to the computer. (synchronization from 2 days at medium speed of Internet)
- need to install party software on the PC

What offers the payment system NixMoney about currency Bitcoin.

- Haste registering a new wallet (about a minute)
- The speed of the transaction inside the payment system (less than 100 milliseconds)
- The ability to replenish the wallet from any exchange office accepting Bitcoin as a currency.
- No need to install third-party software on your PC.
- the visibility and ease of interface
- Availability of Merchant-mechanism for accepting payments online stores and other projects directivity
- presence of the mechanism secure settlements with counteragents in automatic mode
- Reliability, checked up by time

NixMoney - cyber currency of the future

NixMoney - this is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and valuably works in an anonymous network TOR. NixMoney offers a wide variety payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums and other commercial and non-commercial sites.