Peercoin (Peercoin, PPC)

The third most popular cryptocurrency, unlike Bitcoin and LightCoin has no restrictions on the amount of emissions. Profit in system Peercoin distributed not only between users, who provide the system with the computing power, but also between the holders of the currency. Incomplete decentralized - to avoid re-emission, all new Peercoins should pass a kind of registration checkpoint. PPC have a hybrid generation system. In the early stages used POW, which with time should be replaced by POS.

Cryptographic hashing algorithm - SHA-256
Generation System - proof of work, proof of stake
Blocks to recosting difficulties - 1 unit
Expected generation time - 10 min
Reward - 100 PPC
Total coins - unlimited

NixMoney - cyber currency of the future

NixMoney - this is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and valuably works in an anonymous network TOR. NixMoney offers a wide variety payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums and other commercial and non-commercial sites.