CryptoCoin (CRT)

Due to optimized algorithm reliable Crypto has a unique simplicity and ease Mining , special ecological and economical, gives the user advanced capabilities yields by delivering unprecedented security.

CryptoCoin ( CRT)
Generation System - proof of work & proof of stake
Blocks to recosting difficulties - 1 unit
Expected generation time - about 10 minutes
The award - a maximum of 8 CRT (depending on the difficulty)
Emission - 0.8 coins per minute
Total coins - 100 000 000 CRT

Proof-of-Work (POW) - a system based on the fact that every operation requires a certain amount of computation. This is the basic principle of network Bitcoin.
Proof-of-Stake (POS) - a system where the blocks are generated by coin-years. The wallet of coins multiplied by their "age" or the time that they are intact. The main advantage of this approach - absence of necessity for energy consumption to maintain currency. The attack 51% will require not only buying coins, but also their long-term storage.
Cryptographic hashing algorithm - transform data algorithm:

Are either fully or partially secret;
Either at work using a set of secret parameters.
In addition to the cryptographic algorithms include algorithms that do not use the secret parameters, but are assessed in a single technological chain with cryptographic algorithms.

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